Global Treasury Management— Controlling Cash and Risk

The “Treasury world” is growing more complex. Never has it been more important for companies to control cash, working capital and risk on a global basis.

Over and above the mandate to excel in the traditional roles, Treasury is called upon to be more strategic in its activities and to develop a solid “business partner” relationship across the complex.


This workshop is designed for two audiences with congruent learning objectives: 

Corporate Treasury: provides Corporate Treasury, Accounting and Finance professionals with current, practical knowledge of the essential elements of Treasury management in a Best Practices environment. They will learn practical ideas on how to transform their Treasury into a world class operation that operates with better control, improved efficiency at a reduced cost.

Commercial Bankers: provides Commercial Bankers in Treasury sales, product development, internal operations and marketing with an in-depth understanding of the Treasury customer’s world, Best Practice tools and techniques. They will learn how to walk the Treasury solution talk in order to better support client requirements. They will also learn how to deploy
Best Practice Treasury techniques to their firm.


  • Effectively measure and manage the performance of the Treasury function
  • Safely hedge against foreign currency and interest rate exposures
  • Increase shareholder value through effective cash and debt management
  • Solve integrated and practical Treasury management problems
  • Explore the latest VaR strategies and risk management techniques


Corporate CFOs, MD’s, Treasurer’s, VP Finance, Directors, Assistant Treasurers and Senior Managers responsible for:

  • Corporate Treasury
  • Corporate Cash Mgt and Liquidity Mgt
  • Foreign Exchange and Interest Rate Risk
  • Risk Management and Group Risk Mgt
  • Working Capital Mgt
  • Corporate Investment and Debt
  • Financial Analysis
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Internal Audit
  • Corporate Planning, Internal Controls & Regulatory Compliance

Senior Bank Executives and Senior Managers responsible for:

  • Bank Corporate Product Development
  • Bank Corporate Marketing
  • Bank Sales of Corporate Treasury products
  • Bank Corporate Derivative Brokers, Traders and/or Dealers
  • Bank Corporate Investment Brokers
  • Corporate Relationship Managers


  • Treasury organization models, benchmarking and KPI’s
  • Corporate finance tools and techniques
  • Funding alternatives including trade finance
  • Global cash management, cash optimization tools and techniques, integrated cash forecasting models
  • Working capital management,
  • Best Practice use of Treasury technology
  • Enterprise risk management with special emphasis on financial risk

Using case study methodology, computer simulations, interactive discussions and worked examples the attendees will learn how to apply Best Practice tools and techniques in all areas of global Treasury management in order to improve control, optimize asset utilization, reduce cost and better leverage staff.

Delegates will learn tools and techniques:

  • To improve visibility, control and optimization of global cash
  • To improve the accuracy of cash forecasts
  • To optimize working capital and Balance Sheet management
  • To effectively integrate the management of global cash, cash forecasts and working capital
  • To improve visibility and control over foreign exchange and interest rate exposures
  • To improve the utilization of Treasury technology
  • To optimize activities associated with funding, asset liability allocation and capital markets
  • To deploy VaR techniques in the management of portfolios
  • To reduce the cost of global Treasury operations
  • To utilize Treasury value metrics for improved control and results
  • To improve Treasury’s business partnership and strategic value to the firm
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