Wholesale Banker— Treasury Solutions That Sell! (In-house)

Commercial banks are increasingly challenged to win corporate business. The market is complex, crowded and under price pressure as never before.

In a similar light Treasury’s world is growing increasingly more complex. Never has it been more important for companies to control cash, working capital and risk. To do so Treasuries seek to deploy the latest Best Practice tools, techniques and technology.


This training consists of a 3-Day Interactive Workshop designed to provide commercial bankers with current, practical knowledge of the essential elements of Treasury management and how to craft solution sets that will close business. Throughout the workshop the delegates will be taught how best to quantify the value proposition from both a bank and customer perspective.

Join us in a fast-paced, insightful workshop which will demystify the process of cash & Treasury management if your current position requires you to interact with Treasury. 

In just two days, you will:

  • Get a firm grasp of the treasury function and how your department /function impacts on corporate treasury, and how your activities impact on the cash position and liquidity forecasts of the organisation
  • Gain greater confidence with a working knowledge of corporate treasury.
  • Learn how to speak the treasury language and communicate at the same level with treasurers.
  • Cultivate proactive working relationships with treasury professionals and enhance your value to the organisation
  • Understand the business dynamics of cash—and take initiatives that meet your short- and long-term goals
  • Take the guesswork out of your decision-making and deliver a better bottom line
  • Expand your professional expertise—and your career opportunities


Procurement managers, Payroll managers, Accounts Payables and Accounts Receivables personnel, Treasury business analysts, IT heads, Treasury systems consultants, Compliance managers, people new to the Treasury department, and Board members.


Corporate Treasury Functions

  • Introduction to Treasury Management
  • Integration of Treasury with other departments in an organisation
  • Functions of Treasury and key processes
  • Key standard Treasury performance Indicators
  • System requirements and integration points

Cash and Liquidity Management

  • Cash Position and Liquidity Forecast: Impact of other organisational activities on cash position and liquidity.
  • Collections and Disbursements
  • Cash forecasting
  • Managing receivables and payables

Funding and Investments

  • Short-term and long-term financing needs of corporations
  • Role of money markets and capital markets
  • Portfolio management and performance measurement

Managing Financial Risk and Hedge Management

  • Risk Exposures
  • Supplier and Bank credit risk
  • Managing interest rate risk and Foreign exchange
    risk using derivative instruments
  • Derivative instruments
  • Building hedging strategies

Case Studies: Treasury management

  • Real world examples
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